13 feb 2015

Google Scholar Citations in figures

In a post published by José Luis Ortega in his new blog The Scientific Web Observer, he presents some updated figures on Google Scholar Citations. We extend our warmest regards and wish the best of luck to him in this new and interesing endeavor.
Google Scholar Citations, also known as Google Scholar Profiles was released as a restricted beta on the 20th of July,2011, and eventually opened to the general public on the 16th of November, 2011, with the goal of:
  • Enabling scientific authors to create a bibliographic profile containing all their publications, and making it available to search engines.
  • Allowing researchers to follow and be followed by other researchers, receiving automatic alerts when those researchers add new publications as well as when your research is cited.
  • Automatically generating some basic bibliometric indicators.
Google Scholar Citations, which received a face-lift during the last summer (introducing some new features), contained a total of 596,105 profiles as of January 2015, twice the number of profiles it contained in 2014 (296,205). The United States is the country with a higher number of researcher profiles (112,899), followed by the United Kingdom. The case of Brazil should also be highlighted, since the position it ocupies in the ranking according to the number of profiles is much higher than its global scientific weight. As a matter of fact, the institution with the highest number of profiles is the Universidade de Sao Paulo (6155).

To obtain a more detailed information, we recommend you visit : http://swobserver.blogspot.com.es

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