9 sept 2015

Developing an Open-Source Bibliometric Ranking Website Using Google Scholar Citation Profiles for Researchers in the Field of Biomedical informatics

Dean F. Sittig, Allison B. McCoy, Adam WrightJimmy Lin
Developing an open-source bibliometric ranking website using Google Scholar Citation Profiles for researchers in the field of Biomedical informatics 
Sarkar et al. (Eds.). MEDINFO 2015: eHealth-enabled Health.  MIA and IOS Press,2015, 
DOI 10.3233/978-1-61499-564-7-1004

The principal objective of this work is to develop a searchable, interactive, automatically updating, open source, bibliometric ranking website using Google Scholar Citation Profiles that includes over 1,170 Biomedical Informatics researchers from around the world: the Biomedical Informatics Researchers ranking website (rank.informatics-review.com). 
This list contains only researchers who have a Google Scholar Profile.
The website is composed of four key components that work together to create an automatically updating ranking website: 
(1) list of biomedical informatics researchers
(2) Google Scholar scraper
(3) display page
(4) updater
This open-source application is written in Node.js® and built using commonly-available open source libraries. It takes as input the list of researchers and then iteratively retrieves the listing of each person’s Google Scholar citation counts, the total number of citations, the year of first citation, the i10-index, and the h-index. These values are extracted based on matching the relevant elements from each page’s DOM (Document Object Model) structure.
In addition to extracting raw statistics from profile pages, the application also calculates the citations/year, i-10 index/year, and h-index/year; all computed values are written into a file in JSON format, which faciliates the display as well asdownstream processing by other applications.
The correlation coefficient between the h-index and total citations (r2=0.8) and i10-index (r2=0.93)
The Biomedical Informatics Researchers ranking website is 

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