18 jul 2017

Scientific information discovery: Still a mission of the academic library? Google & Google Scholar empire

Rodríguez-Bravo, B.; Simões, MG; Vieira-de-Freitas, MC; Frías, JA (2017)
Descubrimiento de información científica: ¿todavía misión y visión de la biblioteca académica? 
El profesional de la información, 26 (3): 464-479

Access to quality content is key to research and one of the core values that scholars assign to the library. Bibliographic data play a fundamental role in university libraries, which devote abundant resources to obtaining and hosting them for access.
This study investigates where and how bibliographic information is discovered, and highlights the role of search engines, databases, repositories, and web-scale discovery services in that process. The effort that libraries have made in implementing these services seems to have paid off in relation to the increase in the use of collections. However, Google remains the top option for discovering scientific information. This is a review study, based on the analysis of original research and results from recent reports.

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