27 sept 2017

Comparing the number of citations of Google Scholar and Researchgate in a sample of Colombian researchers

Aguillo-Caño I., Uribe-Tirado A., López-López W. (2017)
Visibilidad de los investigadores colombianos según sus indicadores en Google Scholar y ResearchGate. Diferencias y similitudes con la clasificación oficial del sistema nacional de ciencia -COLCIENCIAS. 
Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecología, 40(3), 221-230. 
doi: 10.17533/udea.rib.v40n3a03

The aim of this study is to contextualize the results obtained regarding the classification of researchers who work in Colombian institutions according to their public Google Scholar - GSC citation profiles (1390 with an H index equal or higher than 5). 
To this end, the study compares its findings with the data obtained from the collection of Colombian authors on a social network named ResearchGate - RG and the local information provided by Colciencias, which is the Colombian agency that publishes researcher classification from a platform named ScienTI. 
Findings revealed significant discrepancies between GSC and RG findings regarding the four classification categories Colciencias provided. This suggests that Colciencias must reconsider its assessment criteria including new sources and indicators. Considering that the two sources (GSC, RG) and the (h index, RG-Index) indicators behave differently regarding disciplines, Colciencias must also be careful with disciplinary assignments adopting International classifications and developing discipline related indicators. Colombian academic and research organizations should become more active in recognizing the potential and importance of Internet platforms to visibilize their research work and increase its impact (Ciencia 2.0)

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